From Marvel movies to Star Wars and DC, to James Bond, black heroes, super women, and dope villains: we talk about movies and characters that are beautifully UNREAL.

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From Marvel movies to Star Wars and DC, to James Bond, black heroes, super women, and dope villains: we talk about movies and characters that are beautifully UNREAL. Listen as Arthur Turnbull and Isaac Perry go mad deep on the most exciting news involving your fav comic book films and cinematic universes!


  • 007 AND COUNTING Episode #5 - 'Skyfall' Review

    October 19th, 2020  |  1 hr 57 mins
    007, bond, daniel craig, judi dench, m, moneypenny

    It’s the highest grossing Bond film ever. It’s the film that introduced Q and Moneypenny into the Daniel Craig era. It’s likely the most mainstream James Bond movie since Sean Connery’s Thunderball, and it's adored by everyone from casual fans to non-fans. So how does Mad Unreal feel about 2012’s Skyfall? Find out as Arthur and Isaac go deep on Sam Mendes’s debut Bond film, as we continue to reexamine Craig’s tenure and wait patiently for the arrival of No Time To Die.

  • 27: Why The Mandalorian Is Our Only Hope

    October 7th, 2020  |  1 hr 53 mins
    disney, mandalorian, preview, star wars

    No Time To Die. Dune. Wonder Woman 84. Black Widow. The Eternals. Falcon And The Winter Soldier. The Batman. Etc. In an age of pushed back release dates and disappointment, Season 2 of Star Wars’ The Mandalorian is a lone ray of anticipation and excitement for "Unreal" fans everywhere. To celebrate the return of the show that is our only hope, Mad Unreal previews the new season by giving love to Season 1 and offering our thoughts and predictions for Season 2!

  • 007 AND COUNTING Episode #4 - 'Quantum of Solace' Review

    September 25th, 2020  |  1 hr 21 mins
    bond, daniel craig, jeffery wright, mathis

    No Time To Die is sticking to its November release date, which means our countdown to the next James Bond film continues! In the fourth of seven special episodes, our deep dive review of the Daniel Craig era focuses on his sophomore effort: Quantum of Solace. From Bond's struggle to choose between duty and revenge, to M’s trust issues and Camille’s empathy—we explore what made this film one of the most polarizing in the entire series.

  • 26: Dune and No Time To Die: Are 2020 Trailers Just Empty Promises?

    September 18th, 2020  |  1 hr 2 mins
    bond, dune, no time to die

    The internet was ecstatic last week when new trailers for Dune and No Time To Die dropped. But how excited should we allow ourselves to get when the future for theatrical release remains uncertain? Join Arthur and Isaac as they breakdown each trailer and reveal which one made the biggest impression, while also discussing the reality of living in a time when release dates are never promised.

  • 007 AND COUNTING, EP 3: 'Casino Royale' Review

    September 11th, 2020  |  1 hr 3 mins
    bond, danielcraig, jefferywright, poc

    ‘No Time To Die’ is set to hit theaters in November, which means our countdown to the next James Bond film is back! In the third of seven special episodes we begin our deep dive reviews of all the Daniel Craig films, starting with the iconic ‘Casino Royale’. From the pre-titles sequence to the Bond Women and the Bond villains—we explore what made this film one of the best in the entire series.

  • 25: What If the Batman Was A Black Man? Part 4

    September 11th, 2020  |  58 mins 2 secs
    batman, brown hornet, bruce wayne, christopher nolan, dcu, superman

    It’s the finale of our special 4-part ‘What If the Batman was a Black Man’ series! In this episode we put the spotlight on the fans themselves and discuss how an African-American Batman would be received by super hero fandom. We take a trip from the 60s TV series through the Reagan 80s and Frank Miller’s ‘The Dark Knight Returns’, all the way to the present day era of post-Christopher Nolan movies and pre-‘The Batman’ hype. Join Mad Unreal as we wrap up our exploration of this fascinating question.

  • 24: We Honor Chadwick Boseman. Plus: Mad Thoughts on The Batman Trailer

    September 4th, 2020  |  1 hr 26 mins
    batman, black panther, dc, matt reeves, mcu, robert pattinson, ryan coogler

    In a very special episode of Mad Unreal, we give love to Chadwick Boseman and discuss his passing in the context of both Black Hollywood and Super Hero cinema. And before giving the actor a final farewell, we reveal the exact on-screen moment when we became true Boseman fans. To finish out the ep, we go deep on the first The Batman trailer and wonder: will a hyper-violent Bats be embraced by a #BLM world?

  • 23: What If the Batman Was A Black Man? Part 3

    August 28th, 2020  |  48 mins
    batman, bruce wayne, gordon, joker, penguin, riddler

    Say hello to the bad guy. In part 3 of Mad Unreal’s special Batman series, we reimagine the Dark Knight’s rogues’ gallery by placing it in the context of a black Batman. Would aspects of the Joker’s “let the world burn” ideology appeal to a semi-radical Bruce Wayne? Would an African-American Batman agree to become a criminal to save the reputation of Gotham’s “white knight”? In this penultimate episode of our exclusive series, we explore the villains of Gotham City in a brand new light.

  • 22: From Mulan to Bond

    August 14th, 2020  |  1 hr 8 mins

    Disney moves Mulan from theatrical release to Disney+! Worlds shatter! Empires fall! And Mad Unreal asks: was Arthur right?? Join us as we dive into Disney’s surprise move and predict its impact on Black Widow, Tenet, and Daniel Craig’s final bow as James Bond in No Time To Die.

  • 21: What If the Batman Was A Black Man? Part 2

    August 7th, 2020  |  53 mins 22 secs
    batman, dcu, watchmen

    Welcome to Part 2 of a special Mad Unreal series where we reconstruct the life and times of Bruce Wayne by asking a fascinating question: What if Batman was African American? In Part 1 of the series we looked at Batman’s “Origins” and put them in a new context. In Part 2 we move on to the #DarkKnight’s “Emergence” and imagine a Black Batman's views on criminality, while wondering how he himself would have been viewed by #Gotham's media.

  • 20: Can Superhero Cinema Survive 2020?

    July 31st, 2020  |  52 mins 39 secs
    bond, dc, disney, mcu, netflix, star wars

    After last year’s epic MCU climax, we were all eager to dive into the next era of superhero storytelling. But will the long pause of 2020 be the beginning of the end for the golden age of superhero cinema? Will franchises like Marvel, DC, James Bond, and Star Wars migrate an increasing amount of their stories to streaming platforms? And what could this mean for the future of BIPOC projects? Join Arthur and Isaac on a new episode of Mad Unreal!

  • 19: Defund the Gotham City Police?

    July 17th, 2020  |  55 mins 34 secs
    batman, blm, dc, gotham, superhero

    After a short break, Arthur and Isaac are back, and ready to dig into more superhero drama! Should the Gotham City Police Department be defunded? On the heels of HBO Max’s announcement that a new Gotham PD-focused Batman series will hit the streaming service, Mad Unreal examines the show in the context of Black Lives Matter. Will this be more copaganda? Will Matt Reeves and DC use the series to explore racism and police brutality? Buckle up and listen to another great episode of Mad Unreal.